Russia. Chukotka-2012 Expedition

Sparsely populated territory of Russia. The complete absence of roads...

Day 1. Neryungri (Yakutia).

From 2nd to 4th days. The road from Neryungri to Yakutsk.

From 5th to 8th days. The road from Yakutsk to Kadykchan.

From 9th to 13th days. The road from Sinegorye to Burustah through Magadan.

Winter road "Arctica". From 14th to 18th days. The temporary winter road ("zimnik") from Burustakh to Anuysk through Chersky.

From 19th to 22nd days. The path to Pevek through Bilibino.

20th day. The excursion to the world's northen nuclear power plant. Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant

From 23rd to 26th days. The path from Pevek to Cape Schmidt.

From 26th to 28th days. The Final. First time ever regular 4x4 cars on wheels reached Anadyr, the administrative center of Chukotka!

Anadyr - Chukotka, Russia

The City of Anadyr is the administrative Center of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, in the extreme north-eastern region of Russia.
The City is rich in Natural Resources and is one of the Top 10 Richest Regions in Russia by GDP Per Capita but due to its remote location, Food Prices are much higher compared to other regions of the Russian Federation.
Population ( 2010 ) - 13,000
Ethnic Groups: Chuckis, Russians, Ukrainians, Evenki, Tatars and Azeris

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