2012 Range Rover Evoque Off Road

The All-New Range Rover Evoque Off-Road Capability

Speed TV welcomes 4-time Trans AM Champion, Tommy Kendall and automobile critic and past guest, Chris Harris to test drive the all-new Range Rover Evoque in the riverbeds of Ledbury, England.

Evoque testdrive

Try your hand at the ultimate off road driving experience with the all-new Range Rover Evoque. See this standard SUV travel through all terrains of the four corners of the world. Undergoing hot weather testing in the desert of Dubai, to the snow regions from the south of the Arctic region of Arjelop Sweden, your compact SUV can be customised to suite your lifestyle.

EXCLUSIVE Range Rover Evoque Test 3 Wheels at Rockingham Castle

A test day reveals the capabilities of the (currently) new Range Rover Evoque.
It was the petrol version with 224BHP and Panoramic roof.
On road capabilities were surprising, off road capabilities were an enjoyable experience!

Range Rover Evoque Off Road Driving - Ajeplog Sweden

Karl Richards, Principal Engineer of Land Rover, demonstrates the dynamic stability control, hill start and descent safety control feature as well as the all terrain response system on the all new Range Rover Evoque in Arjeplog Sweden - located just south of the artic circle.
Off road driving in Arjeplog exemplifies the extreme temperature and slippery road conditions, all of which the Range Rover Evoque handles well.
Range Rover's appeal is here for everyone to see. On all surfaces and terrains this vehicle is completely capable, very composed in tackling all obstacles set by man and human nature.

Can the Range Rover Evoque make it to the top of a mountain to prove that it's the greenest 'real' 4x4? Watch the video.
Paul Clarke founder of www.green-car-guide.com tests the Range Rover Evoque.

Range Rover Evoque On Top Gear | Range Rover USA

The Range Rover Evoque is put to the test in the desert of the American Southwest. See how it measures up on the drive from Death Valley to Las Vegas.


What's going on? Marketers just gone mad? Well, who on this car will move down the good road? Is not it better to buy a normal four-wheel drive car? :)

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  1. Anonymous17:25

    I have an evoque and had about 10" of snow and handled no problems!