1955 GAZ-М72 "Pobeda" ("Victory") 4x4

Running a car "Pobeda" ("Victory"), produced by GAZ named after Molotov.
Why the driver of the car to pick such a complex and difficult path? This is running a new car model "Pobeda" ("Victory") M72. It is designed for heavy duty roads and travel in the mountains. Suspension Body of the machine at 15 cm higher than the usual "Pobeda" ("Victory"). Both major axles. This gives the opportunity to drive on any road. In the mud. In the sand. Even the swamp not care about this car. Gorky Automobile Plant named after Molotov began to mass production of such machines.
Newsreel Daily News / chronicle our days 1955 №53

GAZ-М72 "Pobeda" 1955 4x4

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