Tractors in Mud

Stuck Tractor Pull

Real footage of Amsteel Blue rope pulling a stuck 4 wheel drive tractor from a rice field. Case 9330 with duals was hipping rice levees when he got buried in the gumbo. He broke his cable and barge rope then called for Amsteel Blue. A single piece of 3/4" Amsteel Blue rope, with the help of two four wheel drive tractors pulled him out. It was 90 feet from dry gound to the tractor. The rope that pulled his tractor out weighed 10 pounds plus 6 pounds for the steel eyes.

Stuck Tractor

Zetor forterra 11441 Kolin

stuck tractor in Alabama

What Happened On a Wet Day

This video is about some tractors that got stuck

Fendt-926 + Fradisc 6000

John Deere 6300 5 ton tractor stuck in the mud for 7 hours

Description from that vid:
"We used the tractor to tow the Huey onto the paintball field. (Welcome to my world.) Afterward, I tried to drive it off the field without cutting down trees. Got into the slightly wet part-time stream area. It got stuck, but we had paintball to play! So I left it till later. When I tried to start it, it didn't start. It has been hard to start as the weather got colder. Bought a brand new deep-cycle battery, cleaned terminals/connectors. Fail. Tried spraying silicon into the air intake past the filer and without the filter on. Fail. Tried adding more fuel in case the tilt was making it hard to get fuel. Fail. Tried looking for a manual fuel primer. Fail. If there is one I couldn't find it and JD doesn't put their manuals online. They sell them. For a lot. Tried jump starting from my ATV to add some more amps. Fail. The BBQ grill actually worked. We were so happy! Unfortunately, it had taken about 2 weeks of finding the free time to work on it, during which time it rained, more.
And we saw this great video here but although our "tire log" was larger, our tractor was MUCH larger, and it destroyed it. Want fun? Try tying a log to a tractor wheel in cold mud with chain. Sounds easy.
Two guys and a bucket of chains dragged a 5 ton piece of equipment uphill almost 100' without a winch 2-3' at a time. The "good ideas" ended once it was started and the oak trunk snapped because it was too long. The rest was just stubbornness.
Anyway, my lesson as a newer land owner is that I will never ever take that tractor anywhere that looks remotely wet again."

K 700

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