Nissan Patrol Test Drive and Old Russian Tractors

"For Nissans tractor is not a friend" :) Everyone knows the saying: the better the offroad vehicle - the farther to walk behind the tractor. But the tractor is not always helps out in unexpected situations. On this clip captures a curiosity, which occurred during the filming of the test-drive Nissan Patrol.

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  1. Hi, I'm driving it in a sand quarry at a club event so those concerned with wrecking trails can calm down ! I was trying to open a new route through a gully that cant be seen on the post, the front offside (rhd) whee is also up against a sand bank stopping its progress ! It was my first outing on the boggers and centerline alloys and the bump stops are an issue as there aren't any ! I agree the difflock working wouldn't have helped in this situation. Just feeling my way through. thanks, @Vickky