MUDFEST - One Of The Souths Best Parties

This is from the DVD of Louisiana Mudfest Labor Day Weekend! Mudfest is one of the biggest parties in the south!

Check out what goes on there. Large trucks, Ford, Chevy, Dodge.....4 wheelers of all kinds... mud everywhere. And plenty of beer!

Louisiana Mudfest is one of the largest parties in the south. This video gives you an idea of what goes on there. People on their 4 wheelers of all kinds... Yamaha, Honda, Polaris. And ever kind of mud truck and car you can think of...Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan. There is a lot of beer and a lot of dirty girls! Good ol southern women that know how to have a good time getting muddy!

Mudfest is on of the crazy wild parties that red necks throw to go out and have a absolute blast! You'll see all knids of things there. From girls fighting with mud to women swiming in the river nude! There are plenty of trucks in the mud. From fords to cheverolete dodge toyota nissan. Not to mention all the four wheeler honda yamaha polaris and a bunch of rinno.

When you go to Louisiana Mudfest you will see your share of stuck vechiles in the mud pits. From the monster jacked up truck and cars to the four wheeler to some kid who brought his dad's brand new 4x4 and is now tearing it up LOL! Lucky for the there is a dude there that calls himself mater.

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