Australasian Safari Rally 2010

Australasian Safari 2010 - The Prologue race determines the starting line up for leg 1, it's a qualifying round.

Leg 1 - Southern Cross to Leonora.
As the Safari is a long distance off-road rally being ran in an isolated area, sometimes it takes us a while to collate the full results and penalties.
Our aim for this year, was to get as much vision as possible up online for you guys at home to be part of safari.

Leg 2 - Day 1 of the two day marathon course racing in the outskirts of the lovely Leonora.

Leg 3 - second day of the Marathon leg. From Leonora to Coolgardie.

Leg 4 - 470kms from Coolgardie and heading to Norseman for a two night stop over.

Leg 5 - Competitors start from Norseman, this leg is different again as there is no other town they have to travel to for the next night which gives the option to complete in the surrounding areas and different landscapes of Norseman, as they finish off for their second and final night in Norseman.

Leg 6 - A great day, Competitors had a awesome time! tested both their stamina and their skill with only 1 more day of racing to go.
Started at Norseman travelling through some fast sections to Esperance.

Leg 7 - The Final leg for the Australasian Safari.
Finishing in the sand dunes of Esperance.

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