4x4 Vehicles with MATTRACKS - Part Two

Part one here - Unstoppable Vehicles with MATTRACKS

Hummer for All Seasons

'07 Nissan with MatTracks

American Track Truck running deep mud off road trail

Tires vs. Mattracks

This is a short comparison demonstrating the difference between tires and tracks. 44" tires with Dana 60's and lockers would not get you through the snow like the Mattracks. Yes, they are more expensive, and not for everyone, but if you need to get through snow, mud, sand or any other soft material they cannot be beat.

Amazing Traction Mattracks LiteFoot ATV/UTV Track System

MATTRACKS Playing in the Snow

MATTRACKS soft soil test Wheeled Hummer vs. Tracked Hummer.

Mitsubishi Mini Cab with Mattracks in 3ft of slush on a ski run.

Street Legal ATV out of Calgary Alberta testing a Mitsubishi Mighty with Mattracks on a ski run end of May. Driving over 2-3ft of slush, over flowing water and mud, did way better than expected.

Mattracks + Snowblower

Chevrolet Silverado on Mattracks

On the ice in Moosonee, Ontario. Temp was +14°C at the time.

Jeep CJ5 1973 with mattracks

Ford F-350 Track Burn Out

attracks equipped Ford F-350 competes in tire burn out contest.

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