Toyota FJ Cruiser... action!


FJ Cruisers in a Puddle

Two FJ Cruisers drive through a puddle

FJ Cruiser on Golden Crack

The Other Side view

FJ Cruiser jumping in wadi rum!

Toyota FJ Cruiser and a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon drive through a mud hole

FJ in Moab

2007 FJ cruiser in Moab, UT on the Rusty Nail, May 3, 2008. "This one got my heart going, just days after spending thousands of dollars rebuilding this truck, haven't even done the tires yet. This was this FJ's first experience off road."

Pulling an FJ out of a mine shaft

FJ Cruiser driver Miss FJ wheels the difficult Hells Gate at Hells Revenge Trail in Moab Utah.

Capt Rick Toyota FJ Cruiser 4x4 Rally Mud Pit Rausch Creek

Captian Rick of CT drive his TOYOTA FJCruiser 4x4 thru a 4-5 foot deep mud hole at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park in Tremont, PA. This footage was captured after a snow squal went thru the area.

FJ In The Snow

Snow Turn

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