Tamiya Toyota Tundra


This truck starts off as an extremely SCALE looking vehicle, and includes a 3 Stage Transmission. low, mid, and High Gear. This entire film was shot in Low Gear to mimic scale driving speed, and true mud bogging.
Upgrades include: 1) Lift Kit and Steering mod - JunFac*com, 2) RC4WD 2.2 Mud-Slinger Tires 3) RockStar Aluminum Bead Lock Rims 4) ProLine Memory Foam Inserts. 5) Tekin 35t HW Motor & FXR ESC Rock Crawling Combo 6) Castle BEC 7) RPM Snorkle 8) Custom Fender Flares 9) Custom lights 10) RC4WD "Sparks" Shocks 90mm, 11) 3Racing Winch 12) Team Associated XP HT Digital Steering Servo 13) Hitec 645MG Transmission Servo 14) Team Associated 5 pnd Shock Springs 15) 2, 3S Lipo Batteries - 1550mah 16) Airtronics RDS-8000 RX/TX 8-Channel.

FAQ from owner:
1)Is the Truck Waterproof?
- Yes - but The Truck is not waterproof "stock" out of the box. I had to custom water "resist" all areas, and consistently lubricate all moving parts with "Marine" grease.
2) Are the Diffs locked?
- Yes, they have a locking option when building.
3) How Heavy is it? You should add some weight
- Total Weight of the Truck is 13 Pounds.
4) What is the name of the music used?
- I score all of my videos individually. The music you here is a score of loops I custom built for this video. There is no name to it!
5) What Type of Camera do you use?
- I use a Sony HDR XR-550v
6) How long does the battery last?
- Run time is approximately 60 minutes, depending on your driving style.
7) How many trucks do you have?
- This is consistently changing - Aprox 15 rc's
8) Where can I buy this truck?
- You cannot purchase this truck "as is".. to replicate it, you would need to order the selected parts.
9) Will you build me a truck like this?
- Sorry, I only build RC's for RC Adventures and select Clients
10) How much was this truck?
- The total cost of this project was Approximately $2000.00 CAD- And yes, You can buy a real truck for this much money, but wooptie-do, tell someone who cares.

Tamiya Toyota Tundra RC SCALE BEACH DAY! This video outlined and showcases some main parts of truck. Underwater shots!

Mud, Forest, & Water Trails

The 3rd trail video with the Tamiya Tundra. Had a ton of fun out in the forests, mud bogs and back woods... even gave the truck a good wash at the end.

Custom Tundra - desert trails

Took a drive down to Drumheller Alberta. This town is known for its collection of Dinosaur fossiles, and is home to the famous "Royal Tyrrell Museum". This desert-like area is full of great trail runs for Nitro, 4x4 RC, and Rock Crawlers!

A short RC Video showing my custom Tamiya Tundra off, and the servo waterproofing techniques showed in another video. Nothing like running a SCALE 4X4 RC with a Snorkel!

A day in some water, mud, forest and good times! Enjoy as Medic's Tamiya Toyota Tundra Makes its way through the undergrowth of Calgary and Fish Creek park! Truck: TAMIYA TOYOTA TUNDRA HIGH LIFT 4x4 KIT.

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