Porsche Cayenne Off Road Tests

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S gets dirty!

Porsche Cayenne 4X4

Porsche Cayenne S Growling in the Snow

Porsche Cayenne S powering through the snow with PSM (Porsche Stability Management) off.

Cayenne 60% gradient ascent

Porsche Club Vic (Aust) Offroad Driver Training

Porsche Cayenne In The Mud At Eastnor Castle

Autocar Exclusive Porsche Cayenne desert development photos HD

Porsches new Cayenne will have much improved off-road ability than the model it replaces, Autocar has learned while on an exclusive development ride along in the new luxury SUV.
Jurgen Zoellter joined Porsches head of development Rolf Frech and his team in the UAE to test the Cayennes resilience to hot weather, as well as its ability to cope with the extreme conditions of a 300ft sand dune known as Big Red.

Off-road ability
Advancements have been made to the Cayennes centre and rear locking differentials, its air suspension, traction control and torque vectoring system to improve its off-road ability over the old car.
The Cayenne Turbo model tested was able to go up and down Big Red four times, with the speed rarely dropping below 30mph. You couldnt do that in the current Turbo, said Frech. It would have got stuck, worn out or both.
The only problem encountered on Big Red was the fifth climb, where the rear differential overheated and refused to lock. The Cayenne was left to cool for five minutes before beginning another descent and it was a problem Frech was unconcerned about.
These are extreme conditions and eventually something had to give, he said. Im confident few owners will subject their cars to such punishment.
The car is a big improvement from the last one; its more finely honed more of a Porsche than before.

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