Monster Jam - January 28-29, 2011

Monster jam trucks show - january 28-29, 2011

1. Washington, DC
Monster Jam at the Verizon Center

*Shot with permission* The January 29th Monster Jam at Verizon Center in Washington DC. It was a blast!

2. Uniondale, NY
Gravedigger Freestyle - Monster Jam Freestyle Mania -1/28/11

The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Freestyle Mania blew into Uniondale, NY right after the year's 2nd biggest storm in New York history but the shocked expressions were all about what took place inside the building the is home to the NY Rangers NHL Hockey team.
The first event of the night was the Freestyle Mania Wheelie Competition. Probably one of the hottest drivers so for this year has to be Darren Meages and Stone Crusher and it showed again tonight all night long in fact. During the wheelie competition scored a 24 and easily took the late lead, but it wouldn't last long when 1 truck later Witt Tarlton and Spiderman took the win by just 1 point.
Next time on the floor was to be the UTI Maniac Challenge (racing) After have been fairly quiet during the wheelie contest, Gary Porter & Grave Digger took the "slower is faster" method of getting around the course and took the win by 3/10th of a second over once again, Darren Meages and Stone Crusher.
This being Freestyle Mania, the WILD-ST part of the night was reving up to hit the track. Freestyle BMX (the best by the way), Freestyle Super Bikes (no slouches here baby), Freestyle Quads (CLEARLY the best of the best), & Freestyle Motocross (are multiple backflips ok?). The fans were, well, SHOCKED by what they were witnessing. Each run, each hit got better than the last. Then to top it off, when every class of freestyler had come out within their own timeslot, the light went out and slammed back on with ALL the freestylers on the track together, at one time. No one knew exactly to look, where to point their camera.
Something was happening everywhere at the same time.
When the smoke had cleared and the fans caught their breath, the Monster Jam Donut contest was next. Darren Meages/Stone Crusher were tied at the top spot with Wheelie winner Witt Tarlton/Spiderman. It was the driver that earlier this year announced that this would be his "Farewell Tour". Dan Patrick and his famous Samson monster would flex its muscle and utilize his years of experience with a quick, simple method. He pitched it sideways, nailed it and just like clockwork did just 3 revolutions so smooth and took the win with a 24. Strike one up for the guy that is supposed to be retiring???
Finally it was time for what everyone was waiting for the Service is Our Best Part Freestyle. It was pretty clear that it was going to have to be a near prefect run to pull off the win. Poking his nose so close to a win tonight in each and every competition was Darren Meages/Stone Crusher, well tonight it was ALL Darren and Crusher! Not one driver could come any closer than 6 points until Gary Porter/Grave Digger came so close, but as I stated earlier, it was Meages and Crusher squeeking out a 1 point win. It probably was one of the coolest interviews of the night when I could just see the twinkle in Darrens eyes. He is going to be making a fun phone call home to the family tonight.

3. Roanoke, VA
Monster Jam in Roanoke, VA 2011

4. Little Rock, AR

Predator's doughnut run at the verizon arena in Little Rock AR

5. Wichita, KS
Monster Jam *2011 Thunder Nationals* Wichita, Kansas Jan 28, 2011

Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, Raminator, Rammunition, Bounty Hunter, Joe Miller, Mark McDonald, Matt Dishman,Mark Hall, Jay Schnieder, Monster trucks, 360"s, wheelie stand,and racin, and freestyle arena.

6. Orlando, FL
Grave Digger Monster Jam Citrus Bowl Orlando Florida 2011 (Corkscrew Rollover)

Monster jam citrus bowl Orlando, Florida Grave Digger blows tire then tries a corkscrew flip and results in a loss for the title!

Demolition Derby

7. Indianapolis, IN
2011 Indianapolis Monster Jam - Grave Digger

Freestyle Winner, driven by Charlie Pauken.

Maximum Destruction

Freestyle, driven by Tom Meents.

Air Force Afterburner

Freestyle, driven by Damon Bradshaw

8. Phoenix, AZ
Monster Jam Phoenix 2011 Blue Thunder vs. Grave Digger, Final Race, Todd Leduc's 1st Win

Todd LeDuc grabs first Monster Jam win, beating Grave Digger driven by Chad Tingler. 1/29/2011, Phoenix, AZ

9. Anaheim, CA
Anaheim Angels Stadium


Terminator Freestyle Run Anaheim CA 01/29/2011

Gary Schott driving Terminator having an awesome freestyle run.

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