King of The Hammers 2011

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Most interesting moments of King of The Hammers 2011: Takes you to the 5th running of King of The Hammers (KOH) in Johnson Valley, CA. Rock Crawling, Desert Racing and high impact action awaits you.
Featuring top racers Shannon Campbell, Tony Pellegrino, Jason Scherer, Randy Slawson, Greg Adle, Tracy Jordan , Gary Feravanti, Matt Messer, Les Figueroa, Ben Napier and John Webb.

King of The Hammers 2011 - Part II

The first highlight video from King of the Hammers 2011, brought to you by Slime: No Time to Spare!

2011 King of the Hammers RACE Highlights

Video Produced and edited by HeavyMetalConcepts, brought to you by's live coverage of the 2011 King of the Hammers.

Shannon Campbell: The King Hammers it Home

In every sport there is a person who is the living breathing embodiment of what the sport actually "means". In rock crawling that person is Shannon Campbell. Recently, his quest to become "King of the Hammers" was achieved as he defeated his nearest competitor by over 30 minutes.

Last Chance Qualifier

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