2011 Toyota Tacoma

2011 Toyota Tacoma TX pro TRD - 4 wd Off Road Pickup Video

2011 Toyota Tacoma Video - Watch a video on the new 2011 Toyota Tacoma TXpro 4 wheel drive off-roader. This comes from TRD. Tacoma's enjoy a commanding position in this midsize pickup segment with 40% of market share.

2011 Toyota Tacoma TX Pro Double Cab

Available on a limited basis, the new T|X Pro Package for the 2011 Toyota Tacoma translates a sporty SEMA concept into an option the Tacoma V6 Access Cab or V6 Double Cab can add in conjunction with the TRD Off-Road Package. The T|X Pro is the performance oriented package with a TRD cat-back performance exhaust system that gives the V6 a throatier sound and a bit more power. The T|X Pro Package also represents a savings versus the package contents added as separate accessories.

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