2011 SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge: Photos, Winners

BJ Baldwin launches off the Laughlin Leap. Photo: Josh Burns

Max Thieriot caught a front wheel coming off the Laughlin Leap and had a spectacular crash. Both riders were fine, and the vehicle was somehow still able to continue. Photo: Josh Burns

TJ Flores takes on the Laughlin Leap. Photo: Josh Burns

Bryce Menzies earned the win at Laughlin. Photo: Art Eugenio

Harley Letner earned a close second place in Class 1. Photo: Art Eugenio

Robby Gordon has engine troubles on day one and was unable to finish the race. Photo: Art Eugenio.

Robby Gordon launches 125 feet at the Laughlin Leap and waits to see if his jump holds up. He eventually lost by 6 inches. Photo: Josh Burns

NASCAR truck racer Justin Lofton finished first in Class 1 on Saturday. Photo: Art Eugenio.

Jeff Dickerson won the Laughlin Leap on Friday night. Photo: Art Eugenio.

Bryce Menzies showed up with his new sponsor Red Bull. Photo: Art Eugenio.

BJ Baldwin and his new sponsor Monster Energy. Photo: Art Eugenio.

Class 7 takes on the first jump at the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge. Photo: Art Eugenio.

Taken here http://www.off-road.com/competition/race/bryce-menzies-wins-score-laughlin-desert-challenge-53129.html

Class Winners

Trophy Truck
1. Bryce Menzies
2. Jesse Jones
3. Gustavo Vildosola Jr.
4. Rob MacCachren
5. Pete Sohren
6. Adam Householder
7. Gary Weyrich
8. Mark McMillin
9. Lloyd Sproule
10. Jesse Ashcraft

Class 1
1. Justin Davis
2. Harley Letner
3. Dan Martin
4. Armin Schwarz
5. Pete Sohren

Class 10
1. Michael LaPaglia
2. Alex Mendez
3. Edgar Avalos
4. Sergio Salgado
5. John Langley

Class 12 (SCORE Lites)
1. Jaime Huerta
2. Francisco Villagomez
3. Rafael Navarro IV
4. Perry McNeil
5. Otoniel Huerta

Class 1/2-1600
1. Daniel McMillin
2. Arnoldo Ramirez
3. Mario Gastelum
4. Luke McMillin
5. Robert Archibald

Class 11
1. Justin Matney
2. Matt Cullen

Class 3
1. Donald Moss

Class 6
1. David Caspino
2. Jeffery T. Holmes
3. Heidi Steele

Class 7
1. Dan Chamlee
2. Brandon Walsh

Class 7SX
1. Elias Hanna
2. John Holmes

Class 8
1. Justin Matney
2. Noah Ostanik

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