Monster Jam - If Today was your Last Day. A group of awesome, car crushing, metal twisting, mayhem! Watch, it's good!

Monster Jam World Finals 1-5 Crashes. This video contains footage of World Finals 1-5 crashes.
Disclaimer: All Monster trucks and names & Monster Jam are owned by Feld Motorsports.
Disclaimer: All music belongs to Metallica and Warner Bros. Records.
Very special thanks to CombatMTv2 for the World Finals footage!

Finals 1-5 Crashes Part 2

Crash Madness 5: Damage Control features the best Monster Jam monster trucks in an ALL-NEW compilation of carnage, containing the most harrowing crashes and destructive action ever captured on film!
Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Avenger, El Toro Loco, and all the Monster Jam superstars prove that even the best drivers can have a bad day, and with tracks that include insane obstacles like buses, semi trailers, mobile homes, and huge jumps, amazing airtime and intense carnage is unavoidable! Witness the incredible footage, amazing highlights, and on-board camera angles that will bring you through all the metal-crunching mayhem without a scratch!
Plus, for the first time ever, hear what the experience is like straight from the source, as the drivers themselves narrate their favorite freestyle runs, revealing exactly what went right... and what went wrong!

Monster Jam Crash Compilation

Monster Jam Race Final Nitro Circus Fictorie Crash!

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