Monster Jam - 2011 in San Diego

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San Diego

Pit Party Monster Jam San Diego 1-22-2011

Saturday and qualcom stadium before the big crowd. Lots of great looking trucks. The 2010 blue ford raptor svt is great looking. This year no superbike stunt show or remote control car action. just some circus perfomers on pogo sticks Lots of great movie cars, general lee dukes of hazard, smokey and the bandit trans amp, cars mator, scooby doo van. Trucks: USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger® driven by Chad Tingler, Blue Thunder®, Maximum Destruction® driven by Kreg Christensen, Batman driven by Norm Miller, El Toro Loco® driven by Marc McDonald, Monster Mutt® driven by Joe Miller, Avenger driven by Jim Koehler, Wrecking Crew driven by Steve Koehler, Brutus driven by Chris Bergeron, Spike Unleashed driven by Rich Helgendorf, Time Flys driven by Kelvin Ramer, Terminator driven by Gary Schott, Obsessed driven by Rick Swanson, Obsession driven by Jeff Jones, The Felon driven by Mark Schroeder, and Shocker driven by Pat Gerber!
Tonight's Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam rocked with the best fans here in Southern California. Qualcomm Stadium must be one of the loudest venues - if there were a roof, it would have been blown clean off during the opening ceremonies.
We went directly to racing once the trucks entered the track. Tonight's "St. Louis Style" racing track began 20 feet in front of a massive tabletop in the center of the track, and included a long stadium length straightaway that allowed the trucks to fast track just like we do at the World Finals.
Two trucks tonight, El Toro Loco and Lucas Oil Crusader both received their Qualifier Flag tonight for the upcoming Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam World Finals presented by NGK Spark Plugs. For Marc McDonald, it was the second straight year his flag was awarded here in San Diego.
In Racing, with every truck focused on clean corning, we found ourselves with several photo finishes throughout the night.
The second year driver, Joe Miller, moved his status to the next level by setting the bar for 'huge air'. Monster Mutt tonight flew nearly as high as Charlie Pauken took the dog to win the World Freestyle title last March. His time in the hot seat was short though, as McDonald matched the big air and added the carnage at the end of his run. Lucas Oil Crusader and Avenger were the next two trucks to roll at the end of their bonus clocks. Maximum Destruction hit a crush car stack that shot him straight up into the air, as if in slow motion. Kreg maintained control only to conclude with a high speed roll over the edge of the tabletop. His score would hold up against the final truck to run. Digger filled the clock with speed, air, and one of the hardest landings that a truck (and it's driver) would ever have to endure. Tingler drove his Grave Digger up the backside of one of the ramps, launching the 10,000 pound rig straight up, and at an angle. The truck twisted in mid-air, and landed directly on the roll cage surrounding the driver's seat. Once Chad emerged from the busted up legend the crowd roared with approval, and judges awarded him the Freestyle win and tonight's Double Down award.

San Diego 2011 BATMAN top score and crash!

The event was Saturday January 22nd 2011 at Qualcomm stadium in San Diego. ALL footage was filmed from plaza, section 30 2nd row.

Grave Digger Freestyle Champion

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