Military Vehicles, US: SRATS Inc. ELSORV

Military Vehicles [United States]: SRATS Inc. ELSORV (US Army)
The ELSORV (Enhanced Logistics Off-Road Vehicle) is a new military vehicle for the United States Army that was developed by SRATS (Specialized Reconnaissance Assault and Transport System) Incorporated. It resembles a Humvee but with much more agility and off-road capability. It is based on a similar vehicle designed for SOCOM (Special Operations Command) over the last five years.
The vehicle can carry four passengers and 2,700 pounds payload, and have modified Humvee engines that can conquer approach angles of 90 degrees and climb slopes at 80 degrees.
The new vehicle is designed to help alleviate maneuverability constraints in the rugged terrains of Afghanistan for resupply and med-evac purposes.

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