Arctic Ocean Expedition

Arctic Ocean Expedition
Team Expeditions West leaves for a solo vehicle expedition to the Arctic Ocean in Winter.
Camera, Editing, Music, Directed, Produced - Pasquale Benedetto
Captured on location using Canon XLH1 edited with Final Cut Studio. Riding along in a Tacoma I followed the Expeditions West Team from Arizona to Tuk. I shot 28 hrs of footage and over 3000 photos. In sub zero temps.
From Prescott Arizona to Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories, and the Arctic Ocean: 24 Days and 8,481 Miles in a specially prepared Toyota Tacoma. Two drivers and a videographer will pilot their Toyota and Adventure Trailer up the frozen Mackenzie River Delta and out on to the Arctic Ocean and lands end.

Excellent job, and a well-filmed documentary. Chris and Scott are great embassadors. Their attention to history, the environment, and local customs is refreshing. The had a chemistry that made watching interesting.

Too long story. Too many videos. Therefore, continue in the second post, click here - Arctic Ocean Expedition - second post!

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