Arctic Ocean Expedition 2

This is a continue, the beginning is here - Offroad Videos: Arctic Ocean Expedition
Team Expeditions West leaves for a solo vehicle expedition to the Arctic Ocean in Winter.
Camera, Editing, Music, Directed, Produced - Pasquale Benedetto
Captured on location using Canon XLH1 edited with Final Cut Studio. Riding along in a Tacoma I followed the Expeditions West Team from Arizona to Tuk. I shot 28 hrs of footage and over 3000 photos. In sub zero temps.
From Prescott Arizona to Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories, and the Arctic Ocean: 24 Days and 8,481 Miles in a specially prepared Toyota Tacoma. Two drivers and a videographer will pilot their Toyota and Adventure Trailer up the frozen Mackenzie River Delta and out on to the Arctic Ocean and lands end.

Nice adventure. But not extreme. Come to conquer the North of Russia :)

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