Driving Off Road with Infrared Light

Driving Off Road Using only Infrared lights no white light Mitsubishi Shogun Pajero SWB an interesting experience not for the feint of heart,the only visuals we had were a 15inch TFT monitor mounted on the dash above the steering wheel
The 7-inch diameter, 1/8 inch thick lens is composed borofloat glass (tempered glass characteristics) with vacuum chamber applied coatings, producing 880 nm cutoff. The infrared lens hides visible light and emits infrared light. The lens has a 90% transmission rate In other words, 90% of the light produced by the headlights is projected past the lens. Alternative headlight covers made of polycarbonate/polymer blends only allow 20% transmission. Operators will see nearly 3 times farther with this headlight cover than polycarbonate blend covers. In addition, this lens is manufactured in the Dallas Fort Worth, not China.
A single 7 inch OD snap ring holds the polycarbonate protective lens, IR lens and 2 silicone gaskets in place. Any pair of pliers, snap ring pliers or military issue Leatherman knife sets can be used to release and replace the snap ring. The silicone gaskets are reusable and the lenses can be changed in the field in under 30 seconds in the event of damage.
The headlight cover lens assembly includes 3 Chicago style machine screws which will engage and secure the two sets of threads within the headlight assembly. These screws replace the screws that come with the original headlight assembly.

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